Real Estate Pipeline Testimonials and Reviews

Real Estate Pipeline prides ourselves on supplying Real Estate Agents with the highest quality, converting leads. We verify each and every lead individually with a follow up phone call to ensure that our homebuyers and homesellers would like to be contacted by one of our expert agents. Our customer support team is unmatched and you will feel as if you've found a true partner in the business.

You don't have to take our word for it though. After reading through our testimonials, you will feel confident that Real Estate Pipeline is the right choice when looking to expand your business and more importantly, close more business!

I have been using Real Estate Pipeline for a while now and find that the leads are definitely worth the investment.  I love that you know a fair amount of information about your buyer when you call them. In addition, if you have a question or an issue, the support staff is right there and actually can resolve it on the spot! 

I don’t know of another company that can produce this quality of lead!

Valerie W.

Real Estate Pipeline proved itself to be a great asset immediately. It paid for itself with the second lead that I received. Without it, my business would not have been as active as it has been. As I move my business forward, I continue to view Real Estate Pipeline as a valuable part of my lead generation strategy.

Brian S.
Keller Williams

One of my agents began using Real Estate Pipeline as a lead source in 2013.  She found great success and I began using them and referring them to other agents in 2014.  I found that if the agents followed up and worked the leads as suggested, this was a very useful tool.  

As soon as the leads come in the agents do their best to make contact and meet the specific needs.   If it looks as though the lead was not workable to a satisfactory conclusion, the lead could be returned with the reason why and another lead may be credited to the account.  This is not a good tool if you do not plan on working each lead in a timely manner, but if you respond with diligence and do your follow-up, Real Estate Pipeline is the tool that will help you reach your goals in your business. 

Real Estate Pipeline is a great tool for growing your business, and if worked diligently, can bring about your own success story. 


Melody W.
Wheat Realty

Real Estate Pipeline is the best lead generation provider I have used.  While I have used some other lead generation companies in the past, and they have even provided more leads, they have not been as good of leads as Real Estate Pipeline provides me with.  

The leads from Real Estate Pipeline have been more viable.  The people are more open to follow up with and I have people who are actually interested in my assistance as a Realtor. I have closed two deals this year alone with leads from Real Estate Pipeline.  The investment more than pays off!
Mike M.
RE/MAX 4000

I have been using Real Estate Pipeline for 6 months and am happy to say they provide a great service! Everything they pitched to me has been true. 

I really like the fact that the client is expecting my call and wants to talk to me. Real Estate Pipeline is the real deal and I am working with live buyers who are willing to do what it takes. It's an excellent lead generator for me.
Judy G.
Realty One Group

I am thrilled to be partnering with REPL. They provide me solid, exclusive, numerous and very current leads. Best of all, immediately after talking with the REPL representative my lead is looking forward to a call from me. Also, it is very impressive that they work hard to keep my name in front of the client with a personalized weekly Email Drip Campaign for every one of my client leads.

Real Estate Pipeline's customer service is second to none. If I have any questions or issues they are easily and quickly addressed and resolved. With the challenges that we face in today's real estate market it is a real relief to be able to bank on the high quality client leads from REPL!
Nancy D.
Anderson Davis Real Estate

I am nearing my first year anniversary as a Real Estate Agent and I am very happy to say that the majority of my leads and active clients have come from Real Estate Pipeline!  As all agents know, building a client database is a daunting project and Real Estate Pipeline has helped me the entire way. 

My very first client was the first lead I received. We closed on his new home two months later! Of course not every lead has worked out, but the majority of the leads I have received have turned out to be viable clients, that are all looking to purchase within the next year.

Several more will be signing contracts within the next 4-5 months! If you are a new agent, the investment is well worth it.  My 2 closings have more than paid for investment!

I definitely recommend Real Estate Pipeline to agents looking for an excellent lead generation source. 
Susan C.
BHHS Georgia Properties

I have been using Real Estate Pipeline as my lead source since April 2015.  I have received a ton of leads and my first closing from these leads was on a $277,000 home!

As I write this, some say the market is slowing down as we head into fall. However I continue to receive quality leads constantly from Real Estate Pipeline. The support staff is excellent and I have no complaints. I would recommend Real Estate Pipeline to anyone who is looking to grow their business.  

Kelly L.
Realty One Group

I first was contacted by Real Estate Pipeline in April of 2015. I bought the minimum amount the first time, which made the cost per lead higher, but wasn't willing to spend more money. 

Since April I’ve had one closing and I have another customer under contract waiting to close.  I've been so happy with Real Estate Pipeline that I ordered more leads before my current leads were gone to make sure I was able to keep my area. Another good thing about this company is you don't have other local realtors competing with you on this site. I love that I have exclusivity in my market!  

I have advertised on other sites in the past, but Real Estate Pipeline will get all my advertising dollars because of the leads I've received and the excellent customer service!

Tonia L.
The Legends of Real Estate East Coast

I have a buyer that I received from Real Estate Pipeline that is closing on his home today!  I have to admit that I was initially a little leery about signing up for this website lead system, but I am really happy with it! I just signed up for my next set of leads.  

Like any lead you get from anywhere else, you just have to be good about following up with them to convert them into a client.  The customer service department at Real Estate Pipeline is excellent also...they are always very helpful and friendly.

Sarah W.
Deeb Realty

I signed up with Real Estate Pipelines about 18 months ago. I initially bought 12 leads to start. I thought its $1200, if I get one closing it will have more than paid for itself. I had one close almost immediately, paid me $6000!

Since then, I have reloaded my account with 25 more leads and have closed 3 more properties! The small investment has paid itself back and then some.
Josh W.
Keller Williams

Real Estate Pipeline is a great lead generating system that has helped me grow my business tremendously!  What I have really liked about the system is that they actually talk to the clients before they send the lead out.  The information that is provided helps me make a connection with the client right away.  I am very pleased with the services that Real Estate Pipeline has to offer, and would recommend them to any agent that I know!

Jonn G.
Re/Max DFW Associates

I have been with Real Estate Pipeline now for several years. This is the best lead system I have ever used. I have consistently closed over 40% of the leads they have given me!
Steve W.
Dalton Realty

I am a member of the Real Estate Pipeline and I can testify that it is the best direct real estate lead supplier in the business right now. Not only are the leads 100% real and 100% confirmed, but the sales and support staff are courteous, friendly, and attentive to your needs. I've received nearly 100 leads over the past year and have closed dozens of deals as a direct result of the services provided. I would recommend this to any realtor or broker looking to increase their business effortlessly with effective marketing dollars; the return on investment is unbelievable!

Richard K.
Keller Williams Realty

I have worked with Real Estate Pipeline for a long time now and they have been good to work with. Any time I have called, they are able to help me and make me feel like I am important!


I can say that Real Estate Pipeline is the only online lead service that I would use for buyer leads for a couple of reasons. You have an exclusive area, which is your territory and every lead is exclusive so you don't have to worry about competing with other agents.  For any realtor that is serious about picking up quality buyers, THIS PROGRAM IS A MUST!

David T.
Re/Max Central

The very first lead they sent me converted into a closing, within a month the service had already paid for itself!  Since then I have been steadily receiving leads, some of which have turned into clients.  I can confidently recommend the service to any Realtor interested in working with more qualified leads.

James K.

Real Estate Pipeline Reviews And Testimonials Come Directly From Our Wonderful Real Estate Partners Throughout The United States And Canada.

These kind words are a reflection of the time and effort we put in making sure we send only the highest quality leads possible. We strive for superior customer service and make sure that our lines of communication are always open.

At Real Estate Pipeline we know how hard you work for your money and ensure that your dollars work for you when investing in our real estate leads. We are only as successful as the agents we partner with and welcome your feedback with open arms.

All of our real estate testimonials come directly from the experience of our real estate agents. Josh from Keller Williams, saw an immediate closing which netted him $6,000. Jeff from Your Professional Realty generated $444,900 worth of sales from just two leads. Steve with Dalton Realty has closed 40% of all leads sent to him!

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