Our 60 Day Money Back Pledge

If for whatever reason, you'd like to cancel your membership, we'll gladly give you back your unused (pro-rated) balance in your account - so you're never locked in to a long-term contract.

Here's how it works - when you purchase one of our lead generation advertising packages, the money you prepay is credited to your account - similar to an escrow. As prospects are passed along to you, money will be withdrawn at the rate prescribed by your purchase.

If for any reason, you choose to cancel your agreement within 60 days, we will refund the remaining amount in your account to you, minus the cost of the prospects you've already purchased.

We will also promote your success by providing the following:

  • Personalized e-card that goes out to every one of your clients, including everyone who just visits our website looking to buy or sell in your area.
  • The agent branding campaign, including an e-mail "drip campaign" consisting of 10 specialized emails sent over the course of eight months, to each one of your leads. This helps encourage clients to contact you more readily.
  • Our contact management database program to help you follow up with all your clients easier.